Covid-19 Updates

China sees its highest number of reported Covid-19 cases in one day in the past 5 weeks. France, Spain, Italy and the US have all seen a drop in Covid-19 deaths in the past 24 hours.


The EU Chief Ms. Ursula Von Der Leyen said in a interview with the German paper Bild; “Without a vaccine, we have to limit as much contact with the elderly” Ms. Von Der Leyen said that elderly people may have to remain cocooned until the end of 2020 until such time as vaccine becomes available.


Spain has relaxed its lockdown as its daily Covid-19 death toll falls to 517 with the government allowing some businesses including the construction and manufacturing sectors to re-open. In excess of 17,500 people have now died as a result of Covid-19 in Spain. Passengers on public transport were handed face masks by government officials. link

Italy recorded 431 deaths on 12th April giving a total to date of 19,899.



The Irish government today released figures announcing 14 new deaths bringing a total of deaths in Ireland to 334 people with a media age of 80. Ireland will continue it’s restrictions on movement until at least 5th May. link


The Prime Minister of the UK has been released from hospital after recovering from Covid-19. Mr. Johnson is convalescing at the Prime Minister’s country residence Checkers. The UK government released the following figures up the and including 17.00 on 11th April ;


The Netherlands


The Netherlands introduced measures to control the virus as much as possible apply until 28 April (inclusive). Sports facilities and establishments serving food and drink will remain closed until 28 April. Schools will remain closed until after the May holidays. Events that require a permit are banned until 1 June 2020. link


To date German has had 3,022 deaths. Temporary pop-up bike lanes to help with coronavirus physical distancing are being redrawn to allow cyclists more space to comply with new Covid-19 rules to comply with Covid-19 rules. Germany’s National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina has recommended a gradual relaxing of restrictions, as long as new infections stabilise and personal hygiene measures are maintained. The academy recommended reopening schools as soon as possible, starting with primary and middle schools, although it said most childcare facilities should remain closed. It suggests that shops and restaurants re-open, as long as social distancing measures are rigorously respected, and for government offices to get back to work. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel will review the recommendations and will announce the government’s decision this coming Wednesday. link


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warns the death toll is “stabilizing at an horrific rate”. More than 262,000 in the tri-state area have now tested positive and more than 12,000 have died. He reiterated Sunday that data reported from hospitals across the state reflect a flattening of the curve, an objective desperately needed for the public’s safety and an early step toward reopening the state. New York alone has seen 810,000 unemployment claims since March 9. Economists claim that 16.8 people have claimed jobless assistance since the outbreak started in March and with up to 50 million jobs vulnerable to Covid-19 layoffs. link

New Zealand

New Zealand may soon be able to stop its lock down having had a dramatic fall off on positive Covid-19 positive testings and 5 deaths. Only 14 people remain in hospital on April 11th with only four in ICU. link link