Covid-19 Useful Information

When will I receive my COVID-19 vaccination?

Use the Omni Calculator to check your place in the queue for your COVID-19 vaccination. This online tool will give an approximate date to when you may receive your vaccination.

Who is the Omni Calculator?

The Polish startup Omni specialises in custom built online calculators that attempt to solve real life problems in only a few seconds.

According to their website; “We are called Omni Calculator for a single reason – our goal is to solve all small math problems that people deal with on an everyday basis,”

How do I use the Omni Calculator?

The Omni calculator predicts where you are in the queue to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in various countries, based on each countries’ government’s priority list.

Click on this link:

On logging onto the omni calculator, please enter for example ‘vaccine in Ireland and follow the steps.

The tool will ask your age, whether you are a care home resident or worker, if you are pregnant and if you are a health worker.

The tool also needs to know if you were asked to shield during lockdown or are classed as extremely vulnerable, and if you have any underlying health conditions.

By answering all these questions correctly you will receive a more accurate estimate of when you could receive your COVID-19 vaccine.