Ebola Outbreaks

March 2021 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is requiring airlines to collect contact information for all passengers from Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo amid two separate Ebola outbreaks in the African countries. Link. Sequencing of samples suggests that cases are linked to cases in the area during the 2018–2020 outbreak […]


What is Seasonal Flu?

There are 4 types of seasonal influenza (flu) viruses, types A, B, C and D. Flu A and B viruses circulate and cause seasonal epidemics of disease. Seasonal flu is characterised by a sudden onset of fever, cough (usually dry), headache, muscle and joint pain, severe malaise (feeling unwell), sore throat and a runny nose. The cough […]


Get the cure for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a liver disease. It is estimated that 71 million people have chronic Hepatitis C virus infection. There is no vaccine available but a course of injections can cure 95% of cases. For further information please see:

Yellow Fever

World Health Organisation International Travel and Health Vaccine Information for Yellow Fever and Malaria country by country